Vocation Prayer Cross

Mary Our Queen
Deacon Bob and Lori Hamilton
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Vocation Prayer Cross

The Prayer Cross is a small standing crucifix that you sit on your table, etc.  Then each day, as a family say a prayer for vocations.

We need to pray for more priests, religious brothers and sisters, but also for consecrated virgins, married couples and deacons.  We need strong marriages and families and strong vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

It is good to pray for our children’s vocation.  What is God calling him or her to be?  If marriage, then pray to find the right person to help them to get to heaven.  That is the call for married couples.  You can pray any prayer, the Serran Prayer for Vocations, Our Father, make one up or use the prayer sheet.

When it’s your weekend to have the cross, go to your regular Mass.  Then stop in the sacristy after Mass to pick up the prayer cross.  There will be one or two wooden boxes (about the size of a shoe box) on the counter–you’ll see it right away.  Take the box home and inside the box is the prayer cross and prayers.

Return the prayer cross before or during the 5:30 Saturday Mass the following weekend.  So it’ll be ready for the next family in case they are at that Mass.  If 5:30 time doesn’t work for you, please drop it off anytime Saturday during the day and leave it on the table by the baptismal font.  Someone will put it in the sacristy.