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Bible Studies this Fall

July 26th, 2017|Comments Off on Bible Studies this Fall

There are two exciting bible studies starting this fall. Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible- An 8 week overview of the bible, by Jeff Cavins. Come and gain insight, as well as a big picture

Small Faith Groups

The Small Faith Groups are designed to provide individuals the opportunity to grow in their faith and to share it with other parishioners.  The goal is for individuals to form a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and to build our parish community.  There are a variety of groups which have been formed based on preference.  We have couples groups, mixed groups with couples and singles and women’s groups. A Men’s only will be formed if there is interest. Groups range in size from 6 – 12 people and have a variety of times to meet including evenings, daytime and week-ends.  Groups chose a book to read or DVD study to watch and meet weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to discuss it.  How often the group meets and what they study is decided by the group.